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Use of Chemicals in Public Space


We certainly have compassion and sensitivity towards the concern of the Zika virus spreading in South Carolina, and it’s such a tragedy that millions of bees died in this circumstance. But what is concerning is that the local government had no issue of using a chemical pesticide over such a large scale of space without informing the public at all. 

The death of the honey bees could have potentially been a greater disaster if cases of people with sensitivity to that pesticide had been reported. And it’s possible that verdict still remains to be seen or has not been publicly reported. 

The allowance of our government using chemicals without citizen authorization is a troubling concern because people are not expecting this to happen in their lives. And unknowingly this act affects our everyday routines in our foods, in the environments we interact with, as well as in the products we put our hard earned money to buy. No one is asking to be willingly contaminated with chemical toxins and we’re paying the government with our tax dollars to proceed with this behaviour.

The affects from these acts affect people in mysterious ways with allergies, sensitivities, and cardiovascular issues that go unmonitored and unreported that leave people having to deal with this alone.


Exercise Cure from a Deeper Perspective

On September 12, Time Magazine published ‘The New Science of Exercise’, an article written by Mandy Oaklander, covering an inspiring breakthrough on how exercise is being documented as the new medicine for better health by the U.S. National Institute of Health (NIH).

According to the article, a professor and researcher at McMaster University, Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky , analyzed blood, fat and muscle samples from people before and immediately after they exercised.  He was able to document many positive changes that were happening throughout the body.  “Going for a run is going to improve your skin health, your eye health, your gonadal health… It’s unbelievable”. 

While today’s fitness culture has focused on the superficial ‘outer’ appearance as a marker of good health, we at Pommello, like Dr. Tarnopolsky, prefer to focus on the ‘interior’ results – what you can see at the microscopic level.  Pommello embraces a new fitness outlook – an ‘inside out’ mentality.  Much like when you open the hood of your car to see how efficiently it’s running, as opposed to just looking at its paint job.

The article also discusses the consequences of a sedentary life, which can lead to many types of illnesses.  By using the ‘inside out’ approach, we can see how being immobile hurts our lymphatic system, which requires movement to activate our lymph vessels.  This is our body’s sanitation centre, which is responsible for eliminating toxins, which can prevent illnesses like heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s.

By not regularly detoxifying our bodies through our lymphatic system, there has been an alarming rate of obesity since 1999.  Oaklander presents a correlation between the rising obesity rates in children and the reduction in PE classes in schools.  This lack of routine exercise and increased consumption of obesogens and food additives in junk food targeted at children, have created an inability for these chemicals to be detoxed from their systems.

The health and fitness trend is growing in popularity more than ever before.  “The Exercise Cure” article in Time Magazine is a good indicator that mainstream culture is ready to take a more in-depth look ‘inside’ at the benefits of exercise, over superficial, skin-deep results.


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